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April 13, 2007
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Sherrie FMG Page 1 by TC2 Sherrie FMG Page 1 by TC2
Well I know you guys have been waiting for some female muscle for quite a while now, so here is a project that was finished quite a long time ago, just never really wanted to post it until I was sure it was done.

This comic was made in collaboration with she did most of the line work on page one, except for the two lower left panels which I drew. I mostly did the color work for the page itself. It's a two page comic so simply go here:

[link] for the rest of the comic, page 2 is the one where I did pretty much all of the linework and Mika did the coloring, or colo(u)ring as she would say.
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What the heck did she do that the guy hit her? Jerk...
Excellent job on this, you two. I wish you well!
What she did? Well the poor girl was being accused of a crime she didn't commit, naturally she didn't want to go into the jail cell. But Mr. "Thinks he's better than women" decided to force her into the cell.

Clearly, a -big- mistake. Pun fully intended heh heh.
Where can I find more of this character? I really want to see if she is proven innocent. I really hope she is.

Excellent job on the comic. I wish you well!
You can find her story at:


The title is "The Rage Within" but I must warn you it is incomplete and may leave you hanging at the end. However, it should be a fun read as it's the ONLY thing available on this character.
Well, if you are unable to finish it, could you please summarize the rest of what is suppose to happen? I want to know if she is proven innocent.

Thanks for the link and reply. I wish you well, especially on your journey.
Well Cerebeus the bad news is she never really does get proven innocent, as she has to take responsibility for her *ahem* bigger, meaner versions actions. However, the good news is that it gives me an excuse to include some more FMG action!

Thanks for the well wishes, I'm back now and ready to rock and roll so hopefully I'll get to kick some ass.
Is this your version of a female Hulking out?
BlackKusanagi Apr 13, 2007  Student General Artist
Damn... I mean wow. Nice. ^_^
:sarcasm: .... yes, we take our time to spell.

Anyhoo, great job, 'twas enjoyable and FMG is FUN!
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